Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ – An Alternative Approach

Such a productive meeting recently between our team and Iwan Lewis, Artistic Director at The Barn Theatre in Cirencester to explore possibilities with ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’.

He was very enthusiastic about the concept and freely gave some great advice – many thanks Iwan – including the challenge of reshaping the show from its current full-scale production to using smaller numbers of interchangeable performers. Brilliant! We’re now looking forward to the rewriting and  workshopping it with a smaller cast and strengthened narrative. This will, in turn, inform the already-planned revision of the full show, so it should be a ‘win-win’ for both formats.

Our full show is already copyrighted through the UK Copyright Service with Registration Number 284716259, so once our ‘lite’ version has been workshopped we’ll re-register both versions.

It’s so satisfying that we’re getting such good feedback – can’t wait to see what the rewrite looks and sounds like!

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