A Joyful Rebirth

To excited cries of delight, today we witnessed the rebirth of Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical into its streamlined form with extended narrative. Newly orchestrated for 4 -piece band this feast of entertainment for all the family is in 2 Acts and explores, through music and dance, Lear’s interactions with Doctor Calico and OldContinue reading “A Joyful Rebirth”

Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ Sees The Light Of Day

A thrilling few weeks of rewriting, rebalancing, replacing and revising has resulted in a plan to progress our ‘Lite’ version of Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical.’¬† That’s the 1% imagination, now for the 99% perspiration! This version will require only 7 performers to take on the 16+ characters. The majority of the original songsContinue reading “Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ Sees The Light Of Day”

Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ – An Alternative Approach

Such a productive meeting recently between our team and Iwan Lewis, Artistic Director at The Barn Theatre in Cirencester to explore possibilities with¬†‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’. He was very enthusiastic about the concept and freely gave some great advice – many thanks Iwan – including the challenge of reshaping the show from itsContinue reading “Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ – An Alternative Approach”

Our Musical Adventures Come To Fruition

Hello there, adventurous musical-theatre-goer! Edward Lear here, author of ‘The Complete Works Of Edward Lear’. I am truly delighted that my nonsense writings are being given a fresh twist as a lively musical for all the family. Yes, even the dog might have a good ‘woof’ of delight, and I’d expect at least a gentleContinue reading “Our Musical Adventures Come To Fruition”