And Then There Were Four …

Our Jumblies are so excited to welcome the fourth flexible musical to their ‘Stuff And Nonsense’ Suite …. ‘Stuff And Nonsense On Tour‘. ‘Stuff And Nonsense On Tour‘ has the same storyline, humour, characters and memorable tunes of the original but has now been crafted for as few as 5 performers plus MD, which makesContinue reading “And Then There Were Four …”

Alternative Versions Give Plenty Of Choice

Was it worth the wait? Definitely! Three versions available for our brand new fabulous family show: ‘Stuff And Nonsense The Musical’ … ‘Stuff And Nonsense At Christmas’ … ‘Stuff And Nonsense The Jumblies’ Email for more information. Check out for music extracts. There are three variations of ‘Stuff And Nonsense’ for professional andContinue reading “Alternative Versions Give Plenty Of Choice”

Early Feedback Causes Delight Amongst The Jumblies

The night after the night before … ‘Highly enjoyable and entertaining’ ‘A brilliant production and congratulations to musical director and cast. Some really lovely melodies’ ‘It made me look again at Mr Lear’ ‘Insane’ ‘Totally bonkers but hugely entertaining’ ‘At last, an intelligent musical’ ‘Not sure if it’s for adults or children?’ ….  we loveContinue reading “Early Feedback Causes Delight Amongst The Jumblies”

Oh What A Night!

Excitement, anticipation. Nervous energy, tummy-wobblings. Dry mouth, cold hands. Audience arrives, plenty of smiles. Applause and great concentration. A super evening, heroic performances recorded for posterity. Will anything come of it? A wonderful team of tumbly Jumblies bringing the nonsense of Edward Lear to life. Fabulous. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, here’s toContinue reading “Oh What A Night!”

2nd Rehearsal, Same As The First

Another long rehearsal full of optimism and hard work. All the characters are becoming much clearer with different accents and props helping to define each of them. Starting to work well with the revised backing tracks and to enjoy the changes in pace and dynamics that the songs offer. The props list keeps on growingContinue reading “2nd Rehearsal, Same As The First”

New Band Arrangements Completed!

Adding a glock here, some timpani there, and a rockin’ guitar with super smooth strings has been a great way to really get inside the Sibelius software and understand how it works. Feels a bit like how Adam (Mr Lear) looks in this photo! New band arrangements now completed for the 17 songs in theContinue reading “New Band Arrangements Completed!”

Tickets Available Now

‘Stuff And Nonsense –The Musical’ A brand new musical presented by The Runcible Players for local and national charities. For one night only … The Runcible Players are delighted to present ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical‘ at The Cossham Hall, Thornbury on October 13th at 7.30pm. This madcap reading-performance tells the exuberant tale ofContinue reading “Tickets Available Now”

Have you got my best side?

Tho-o-ose humans do-o-o keep getting mo-o-ore and mo-o-ore people invo-o-olved with us … now there’s some expert pho-o-o-to-o-o-ographer chappie called Ken P., who-o-ose cleaning his lens, (well, it takes all sorts) to capture stills and vide-o-o-oeses of us. Where’s that co-o-ompact mirror?