Piano Conductor Score Sent To The Printers

The full score is for a band of 4 musicians – piano/keyboard, wind/reeds, string bass and drum set. The actor musicians will be playing a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitars and accordian. This is intended to produce a flavoursome and colourful musical extravaganza to match the ‘bonkers’ storytelling and dance.

Totally ‘Bonkers!’

Well thanks a lot for that comment! Really, thanks a lot!!! Actually that’s just the sort of response we love to receive about our show. The more bonkers, odd, madcap and crazy the better. Our workshopping session has been arranged for January 30th and we’ve a fantastic group of musician/performers lined up and fully preparedContinue reading “Totally ‘Bonkers!’”

A Joyful Rebirth

To excited cries of delight, today we witnessed the rebirth of Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical into its streamlined form with extended narrative. Newly orchestrated for 4 -piece band this feast of entertainment for all the family is in 2 Acts and explores, through music and dance, Lear’s interactions with Doctor Calico and OldContinue reading “A Joyful Rebirth”

Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ Sees The Light Of Day

A thrilling few weeks of rewriting, rebalancing, replacing and revising has resulted in a plan to progress our ‘Lite’ version of Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical.’¬† That’s the 1% imagination, now for the 99% perspiration! This version will require only 7 performers to take on the 16+ characters. The majority of the original songsContinue reading “Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ Sees The Light Of Day”

Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ – An Alternative Approach

Such a productive meeting recently between our team and Iwan Lewis, Artistic Director at The Barn Theatre in Cirencester to explore possibilities with¬†‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’. He was very enthusiastic about the concept and freely gave some great advice – many thanks Iwan – including the challenge of reshaping the show from itsContinue reading “Stuff And Nonsense ‘Lite’ – An Alternative Approach”

Our Musical Adventures Come To Fruition

Hello there, adventurous musical-theatre-goer! Edward Lear here, author of ‘The Complete Works Of Edward Lear’. I am truly delighted that my nonsense writings are being given a fresh twist as a lively musical for all the family. Yes, even the dog might have a good ‘woof’ of delight, and I’d expect at least a gentleContinue reading “Our Musical Adventures Come To Fruition”