Whoo! Hoo! Our First Read/Sing-Through

A mental and physical health workout better than any therapist or fitness regime can provide. Our first read/sing-through with the performers and music. Such talent in the room, so much enthusiasm, laughter, silliness and some pretty dreadful behaviour from the Jumblies! No wonder poor Mr Lear looks so bewildered. STUFF AND NONSENSE.

We don’t mind if you think we’re just a touch mad. We know we are – after all ‘We’re tumbly Jumblies from over the seas …’

Have you booked your seats yet for the very first public outing for ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’? If not, why not? October 13th at the Cossham Hall, Thornbury. All proceeds to nursing, cancer and hospice charities.

Heart, Warmth, Humour and Emotion … that’ll be the Jumblies, then!

Adam Elms writes our first review of the script for ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’.

‘It reads beautifully. It’s feeling tight, funny, poignant, and interesting. Loving the Lear character showing shades of mental health trouble but then resolving that we all do – and hinting that sometimes an overactive imagination isn’t a negative thing. Also enjoying the songs and the characters are coming across very strongly indeed. 

Action always takes longer than you think and the slicker the better really. It could just be a line here or there – anywhere where there is too much repetition/padding.

I can’t really point out specifics right now because, as I say, it’s in excellent shape. It feels like a script that means a lot to you; it has heart, warmth, humour, and emotion. I can’t wait to see its first outing in October.’

Reviewed by Adam Elms
Actor, Playwright, and Director
Founder Member: Unforced Errors.
Associate Artist: Blueprint Theatre Company, Schoolhouse Productions

Our ‘Double-Act’ Sound Guys

Whoo! Hoo! hoots Mr Owl … two more pieces fit in the puzzle … Ian G., our magnificent recording engineer who has joined the ‘humans-team’ will be recording and mixing the performance for the ‘Cast Recording’ of ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical.‘ Whoo! Hoo!

And we’re delighted – yes, Julie Jumbly, someone else to be fickle with – to have Brian H., sound-technician-extraordinaire, to help our show to sound top-notch.

It’s A ‘Happenin’ Thing, Man!

Quangle Wangle here, man, it’s a ‘happenin’ thing, man. Diary October 13th 2019, Cossham Hall, Thornbury for the first outing of my show, ‘Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical’

Mr Lear: OMG! It is a ”happening thing!’

Mr Lear here, excuse me! It’s not your show, if it belongs to anyone, it’s probably little old meesy! A bit of a grumpbucket sometimes, but mostly pretty harmless. You’re only one of my characters – an important one, man. (Hee, hee) – but nevertheless, only one of the many who are delighted to be putting on this entertainment in which everyone has important funlings and storytelling to add to my story … Dr Calico, the Dong, Julie Jumbly, Jolly Pobble, Aunt Jobiska, Yonghy Bonghy Bo, Lady Jingly and … Quangle Wangle to name but a few, phew!

What a cast of characters … played by an amazing team of performers … Kate, Nat, Adam, Helen and Dave. Do you really know what you’ve let yourselves in for?

Dearie, dearie meezies, I’m just so excited, I could … wait and see … stuff and nonsense really doesn’t describe it adequately. You’ll just have to come and experience it for yourselves. I look forward to meeting you!

‘Thankyou!’ say the Jumblies

The Jumblies wanted to say a special thankyou to Kay, Rich, James, Dave, Helen, Nat, Alice and Adam for bringing their characters to life. Thankyou!

They’re still buzzing with excitement after the workshop and feedback which resulted in some minor changes with major impact. For example by changing …. ssssh! ‘It’s another secret – don’t give it away!’

Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical‘ is now completed, published and available for performance. Email stuffandnonsensethemusical@gmail.com if you’d like a sample or more information.

‘Far and few, far and few, are the lands where the Jumblies live.’

If that’s too far away, why not bring them to a theatre near you?

Disney Meets League Of Gentlemen

What fun we had at our workshop … 3 hours of laughter and improvisation. And then even more laughter, mingled with a touch of pathos. Well done guys. A big thanks to our wonderful actors – Kay, Rich, James, Dave, Helen, Nat, Alice, Adam. Fantastic to hear the words on paper be delivered with such humour and sincerity. Comment from the participants … A surefire hit for the stage. A delight for all ages. What a wonderful evening.

‘This is my normal … what’s yours?

Some minor tweaks required before we publish and then the big reveal to the world of stage musicals. Can’t wait. Watch this space

Piano Conductor Score Sent To The Printers

The full score is for a band of 4 musicians – piano/keyboard, wind/reeds, string bass and drum set. The actor musicians will be playing a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitars and accordian. This is intended to produce a flavoursome and colourful musical extravaganza to match the ‘bonkers’ storytelling and dance.

Totally ‘Bonkers!’

Well thanks a lot for that comment!

Really, thanks a lot!!!

Actually that’s just the sort of response we love to receive about our show. The more bonkers, odd, madcap and crazy the better. Our workshopping session has been arranged for January 30th and we’ve a fantastic group of musician/performers lined up and fully prepared to ‘have fun, be creative and express themselves without inhibition.’

Really excited now that ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’ is getting ever closer to being published and then produced.